Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deepak Shah Collection - 'Show Stopper' of Pune Fashion Week 2010

The show is over - and it was an absolute BLAST! With a gathering of over 500 people, designer Deepak Shah created magic at the runway of Pune Fashion Week 2010. It was truly an international line of menswear customized to perfection to suit today’s men. The looks started from the casual funky resort, to classic corporate, moving to a fusion wear and finally took a shade of ethnics. Designer, Deepak Shah who is known for his immaculate sense of styling launched a new line of his signature shoes.

Deepak Shah understands the need of today’s modern men and thus reflects in his collection. Young, funky casuals with complete contrast in shoes and accessories – this is how the show began. The most colorful casuals with fresh hues of apple green, pink, mint green and light blue. Unusual colors and combinations ruled the day.

Then was the look of the classic corporate, that reflected charisma demanding buyers keen on wearing something more than once. He combined classic taste with unconventional details and showcased his fusion look. Bandh galas with western cuts and silhouettes and Indian embroideries. Western jackets with jodhpuri pants and breaches.

The collection further celebrated the virtual liberation of menswear with exclusive ethnics. Angrakha’s to Akhbar style sherwani, Deepak Shah displayed his best!

The show was a stunner when Sandip Soparkar walked the ramp in his ethnic wear designed by Deepak Shah. It was truly a vision to see him walk the ramp in a completely different shade. Suniel Shetty and Jackie Shroff, close friends and brand ambassador to Deepak Shah’s brand More Mischief endorsed not just the brand, but every emotion and energy at the show.

Sandip Soparkar walks for Deepak Shah at Pune Fashion Week 2010

Sunil Shetty said that the collection was superb. “I think whatever Deepak has made, you know, you see the fit, you see the clothes, you see the workmanship. It looks like a man is wearing his clothes as second skin. Great models, super collection of shoes and his bags were worth carrying, so I think it was overall colour-coordinated..perfecto!”

Sunil Shetty, Jackie Shroff walks with Deepak Shah

Who could imagine the barcode image of a ramp with an outstanding background score?!? Music that resided on everyone’s lips even when they walked out of the show. To pump up the energy, the fashion runway was teamed with a live flutist, Bikram to which Jaggu Dada walked the ramp once again when the very famous tune from his movie ‘Hero’ was played, to a round of applause.

Bikram plays 'Hero' - Jackie walks with him 

The runway stayed in line with the brand image of More Mischief - classic designs of understated elegance. “The philosophy behind the brand is simple - wearable and trendy garments for the real people, relaxed yet bold, in keeping with the pace of contemporary life” says Deepak Shah who gave full credit to his entire team for having worked very hard to bring this collection to the runway.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deepak Shah at Pune Fashion Week 2010

Deepak Shah is a genuine rarity – a designer who believes in the bespoke life of a gentleman, someone who is capable of creating everything; from club wear to classically tailored suits, belts to contemporary leather bags and shoes. Since the founding of his company, More Mischief, Deepak Shah has built up an eclectic customer base, concentrating majorly on the bespoke design for menswear.

And now, to further extend Deepak Shah as a brand name, he has been invited to showcase his designs at Pune Fashion Week. “I am displaying a number of garments from varied genre namely, Club Wear, Evening Wear, Corporate Wear, Fusion and not to forget the Ethnics. Also, it’s a platform where I would launch my signature line of Shoes.”

Deepak Shah is one of India’s most versatile and talented designers, and set for further success on international stage. And his success with bespoke clothing indicates the on-going demand for high quality, particularly when it is mixed with his vision of exclusive style.

Truly, A Bespoken For Gentleman.